About Us

We handle the details so you can spend more time together

About Us

Gayle Rosen founded AgeWell Options in 2019 because she saw first-hand how much the services were needed.

After three decades in positions across the senior care continuum, executive/leadership positions from Boston to Columbus, and caring for her own aging parents, she felt called to be a voice for aging seniors.

Gayle earned her master’s degree in business administration and a master’s certificate in gerontology from Boston University, and certifications from the Aging Life Care Association and the National Academy of Certified Care Managers.


Gayle and her team are passionate about working with seniors and their families, helping them get the care that they deserve, and preserving those precious parent-child relationships that are often burdened by difficult healthcare decisions and strained by role reversal scenarios. She saw families blindsided by the logistics of supporting their aging loved ones so often that she referred to it as, “The Sucker Punch.”

Our Philosphy

Gayle and her team believe that those who have a clear sense of purpose tend to age well. That’s why they help clients define, design, and refine how they want to live their lives and work toward personal fulfillment.

Her philosophy begins with one single question: What brings you joy? While some families are surprised by the responses, they are thrilled to see the emotional boosts that come from the process. She helps seniors connect the dots between what they’ve always loved and how those same passions can get them out of bed each day.

More Belly Laughs

If families make endless paperwork, forms, and phone calls their top priority, they’ll miss out on the important things: Like belly laughs. The chance to hold hands. Every single moment that makes a memory. Gayle founded AgeWell Options because she believes everyone deserves more of the good stuff, and she feels honored and privileged to partner with families to make that happen.

Gayle leads a staff of top clinical professionals who share her passion and vision. Feeling paralyzed in the midst of so many to-dos is absolutely normal. AgeWell Options is here to show you what’s possible and remind you and your loved one that even when you feel overwhelmed with how to age well, you always have options.


We believe the best role for you is the one you’ve always had.

When things get complicated, AgeWell Options can help.

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